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Gran Canaria is a cosmopolitan island with numerous cultural events throughout the year, including international music, dance, theatre and cinema festivals and the many carnival celebrations. Plus there’s a long list of festive activities and religious feasts taking place all over the island. As the inhabitants of the Canary Islands are deeply devoted to tradition, the origin of some of these fiestas goes back as far as Guanche times.

For sports and outdoors enthusiasts, the variety of sports that can be practiced in Gran Canaria is closely linked to the mildness of the island's climate. The absence of extreme temperature variations makes it possible to practice practically any type of outdoor sport during any time of the year.

Sailing, Big Game Fishing, Sailsurfing, Diving, Watersports, Paragliding, Parachute, Hiking, Nordic-Walking, Biking, Mountainbiking, Climbing, Horseriding, Tennis

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