The Best Climate in the World

  • The Best Climate in the World - Aerial View of Puerto de Mogán
    Aerial View of Puerto de Mogán


The climate of the Canary Islands is considered one of the best in the world according to studies carried out by universities and climate experts.

The climate of the Canary Islands is unique, special: The best climate in the world.

In the Canary Islands the summers are pleasant and the winters are mild – an eternal spring of sunny days, blue skies and constant temperatures, which vary little throughout the year.

The secret of this unique feeling of comfort awarded by the climate can be found in the cooling trade winds, the Gulf Stream, which bathes its coasts and the warm influence of the Azores anticyclone in winter. These factors benefit the islands due to their exceptional geographical position, in an area of transition and contact between high pressure and winds blowing from the west.

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In the video below, presenter and weathercaster Minerva Piquero explains why the Canary Islands have the best climate in the world with "sun every day", tranquillity and lots of sunlight.

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